CFOs Find Opportunity in Uncertainty

If the year ahead seems full of unknowns for your business — you’re not alone. Many CFOs share this sentiment but aren’t backing down, choosing instead to rise above the uncertainty and seek out new growth opportunities. Read the 2024 CFO Outlook Survey to discover: 

Why many CFOs expect revenue and profitability to remain flat in 2024 — and how they’ll go on the offense to kickstart their growth.

How thriving companies see sustainability issues as an opportunity, not a constraint — and what’s driving their sustainability investments.

How CFOs are embracing generative AI and their journey to explore its limitless potential to transform their businesses.

Turn Challenges into Triumphs

With continued uncertainty tied to interest rates, inflation, geopolitics, and the presidential election, CFOs are seeking stability. This year, their focus is on fostering resilience and finding their path to growth despite the variety of roadblocks they face.

Each year we survey 600 middle-market CFOs to uncover their top business strategies, investment priorities, and risks. Explore the report to see how you compare to your competitors and gain valuable insights to support strategic decision-making and turn your challenges into triumphs.

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