Manufacturing CFOs: Read the New Rules for Resilience  

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Why most manufacturing CFOs are planning to expand their U.S. footprint, and which tax credits will help them succeed.

Use cases for AI integration and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents for manufacturers.

How manufacturers are adapting supply chain strategy to respond to new risks and optimize costs.

Embrace the New Rules for Resilience and Outperform Your Competition

The year ahead poses challenges for manufacturers, including changing regulations, rising stakeholder demands, and an uncertain economic outlook. But manufacturing CFOs are up to the task, and ready to embrace innovation and define new rules for resilience.

Each year, BDO surveys 100 manufacturing CFOs to uncover their plans, priorities, and pitfalls for the year ahead. The 2024 Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey offers you the opportunity to benchmark your organization’s performance and priorities against your industry competitors.

Discover how manufacturers are driving business growth in 2024 — download the report today.

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