Retail Leaders Must Navigate a Maze of Challenges in the Year Ahead

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How retailers, wading through pricing limbo, may adjust pricing strategies and discounts to safeguard profit margins yet still win over customers in an era of tight consumer budgets.

How supply chain technology empowers agile responses, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced inventory accuracy, in the race to keep pace with rapid trend cycles.

Where retail CFOs are planning to apply AI to drive a competitive advantage and improve CX.

The Solve for Success May Lie in an Enhanced Customer Experience

Retailers are expecting higher profitability in 2024, which will hinge — in part — on their ability to deploy innovative tactics that support pricing adjustments, supply chain connectivity, and AI adoption. As they traverse through ongoing challenges and identify new opportunities, there is one common denominator that should guide all decisions: an enhanced customer experience.

Each year, BDO surveys 100 retail CFOs to uncover their plans, priorities, and potential pitfalls for the year ahead. This year’s Retail CFO Outlook Survey looks at how rapid industry changes are shaping 2024 strategies and provides critical recommendations to succeed in the year ahead.

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