Tech CFOs: Are You Prepared to Pivot in 2024?

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How tech CFOs are reevaluating their business strategies to protect their companies from a volatile and uncertain economy.

Why nearly half of tech CFOs may not have an accurate picture of their data and what that means for their efforts to build trust with customers.

Which tax opportunities most CFOs are overlooking — and how tech companies can make sure they’re getting the most out of their tax function.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

With so much economic uncertainty, tech CFOs are pivoting to protect their businesses from compounding risks. This year, they’ll focus on the fundamentals by harnessing the power of their tax departments, evolving their products and services, and forging stronger customer relationships.

Each year, BDO surveys 100 tech CFOs to uncover their plans, priorities, and pitfalls for the year ahead. This year’s Tech CFO Outlook Survey offers you the opportunity to benchmark your organization’s performance and priorities against your industry competitors.

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