Revealing digital trends that are influencing business strategy and creating new opportunities for innovation and growth

We understand the importance of keeping a pulse on how technology and digital transformation are affecting the companies we work with, it’s what we’ve been doing for more than 35 years! That is why we commissioned the Tech Insights Report – a comprehensive study that seeks to evaluate how businesses are utilizing technology to innovate and grow.

The results of this report provide a benchmark on which to measure the progress your organization is making, identify some of the top challenges and opportunities ahead, and provide recommendations as you navigate your way through today’s complex and ever-changing business landscape.

Progress is being made, but business leaders see an uncertain future ahead.

A few key findings from the pages that follow include:

  • Productivity has risen to the top of the priority list: 85% of companies plan to roll out new technology to improve productivity.
  • Business and IT are not aligned when it comes to cybersecurity: IT respondents say cybersecurity is a top priority, but only 9% of business respondents agree.
  • Data analytics is a mainstream idea, but not yet mainstream in practice: 80% of respondents believe business decisions should be based on data, but only 19% are actively planning their data analytics/big data initiatives.


Download the full report to explore other key findings and gain deeper insights.

Thinking about your own digital transformation?

Our hope is that, by shedding light on how organizations are leveraging technology to succeed, we can continue to educate business and IT leaders on the ever-evolving and deeply interconnected digital world. As you continue your journey, we hope BDO Digital can be with you to tackle any challenges and embrace every opportunity the future may bring.

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