Explore new and innovative ways to leverage digital technologies to disrupt and lead in the marketplace.

To benchmark your current position in the digital marketplace, BDO Digital has developed the Digital Transformation (DT) Accelerator and SMARTDiagnostic tool to help organizations obtain an assessment of their present digital state, specifically in key business areas such as Customer Experience, Operations, and Technology.

Our Digital Transformation Accelerator includes:

  • Review of your overarching business strategy
  • A quick SMARTDiagnostic assessment that will evaluate digital readiness and IT alignment with business strategy
  • Benchmarking the firm against market peers and best performers
  • Determining areas for ROI with possible revenue enhancements, cost take-outs, reduced risks, and roadmap recommendations
  • Creating a portfolio of opportunities and charting a roadmap that aligns with the existing business strategy
  • An executive report containing results of the diagnostic, opportunity portfolio and next steps
  • Identifying KPI candidates during discovery sessions

To become disruptors and leaders in the digital marketplace, you must start by benchmarking your digital strengths and weaknesses to determine where you stand today. This will ultimately enable you to become a market leader of tomorrow.

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