Taking stock of private equity mid-2023

After years of rising markets and inexpensive financing that fed deal activity, private equity has reached a critical juncture: embrace value creation strategies or wait for equity markets to rebound.

With insights from more than 600 PE funds and portfolio companies, the 2023 BDO Private Capital Survey explores the unique challenges facing the industry in an economy defined by high interest rates and inflation. The survey report covers:

  • Putting deep capital reserves to work
  • Aiding portfolio companies as they manage higher debt loads
  • Finding the right leadership to navigate economic headwinds
  • Readying portfolio companies to capitalize when exit markets normalize

Preview what private equity executives are saying


of fund managers see asset prices increasing in the next 6 months


of fund managers have turned down at least one deal due to ESG concerns


of fund managers cite risk exposure as their top challenge to closing deals


of portfolio company CFOs report they are understaffed in critical roles


of portfolio company CFOs started working in PE less than 10 years ago—5 years after the financial crisis

BDO’s Private Capital Survey is a survey of 405 U.S. private equity fund managers and operating partners, 200 U.S. portfolio company CFOs and 50 U.S. board members.

Find out how private equity fund managers and CFOs are shifting strategies in 2023

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