Grantmakers and smaller nonprofits pursue resilience

BDO’s seventh annual Nonprofit Standards benchmarking survey found that grantmakers are continuing to explore how they can better serve their recipients – while also facing their own challenges. These recipients, categorized here as nonprofits with less than $25 million in annual revenue, are focused on adapting to economic volatility while still providing service to their constituents.

Download our report to learn how grantmakers and grantees are transforming their organizations to meet new and ongoing challenges and opportunities. Key insights explored in the report include:

  • How grantmakers and grantees are responding to inflation
  • Shifts in grantmaker spending
  • How grantmakers and grantees are aligning their ESG priorities
  • What types of operations information grantmakers are asking for
  • Technology investment goals of both grantmakers and grantees
  • How grantmakers and grantees can work together to prevent cyber attacks

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