INGOs invest in their infrastructure to fortify their missions

BDO’s seventh annual Nonprofit Standards benchmarking survey found that international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) are rethinking their models of change as their work becomes more important than ever. And after a year of increased giving, INGOs are well-positioned to bolster their financial resilience and transform their offerings to better support the populations they serve.

Download our report to learn about the top issues facing INGOs and the strategies they are prioritizing to overcome them. Key insights explored in the report include:

  • Steps INGOs are taking to mitigate the impacts of inflation
  • How INGOs are shifting their spending
  • What controls INGOs have in place to prevent fraud
  • Areas where donors are asking for more information
  • How INGOs are taking action on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Why digital transformation is the number one priority for INGOs

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