What do Tax Strategists do differently to help drive business outcomes?

As businesses navigate evolving regulations, shifting stakeholder expectations, and economic uncertainty, the potential value the tax function can deliver has grown. With higher stakes, tax leaders know that their involvement in strategic business decisions can improve resilience and lead to success.

BDO surveyed 150 tax executives on their plans to mitigate risk and fuel growth in the year ahead. The 2023 BDO Tax Strategist Survey answers these questions and more:

  • What are tax leaders’ priorities for the next 12 months?
  • How do they anticipate their total tax liability will change?
  • In what technologies are they investing?
  • How are they responding to tax policy changes?
  • What challenges might they face in ESG reporting?

Read on to learn how tax executives are navigating an evolving tax function and developing the tools and processes they need to thrive.

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Here’s a look at what tax executives have to say:


of tax executives say increased IRS funding will be a significant challenge.


of the most strategic tax executives expect their tax liability to increase significantly in the next 12 months.


of the most strategic tax executives say their organization has a strong understanding of how tax intersects with ESG strategy. 


of the most strategic tax executives have co-sourced or outsourced tax technology implementation in the past 12 months.


of tax executives say the lack of candidates with specialized knowledge is their top recruitment challenge.

Find out what differentiates the strategic tax executives from the tactical by downloading the report.

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