Food Manufacturing CFOs: Are You Prepared for 2024’s Challenges?

Download our 2024 Food Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey to discover: 

The product strategy shifts CFOs are making to uncover cost savings, improve profitability, and meet evolving consumer expectations. 

Which supply chain challenges are top of mind for food manufacturers, and how they are shifting strategies to avoid pitfalls and create value.

How food CFOs are leveraging data to inform strategic decision-making and build resilience over the long term.

Embrace Change – And Gain Competitive Advantage. 

Despite challenges in the year ahead, food manufacturing CFOs are embracing change and taking steps to ensure resilience. Economic concerns including high inflation, thinning margins, and high costs of goods sold present challenges, but food manufacturing CFOs aren’t just seeing the problems, they’re seeing the possibilities — and they are ready to take advantage of new opportunities in 2024.

This year, BDO surveyed food manufacturing CFOs to uncover how they are harnessing data to gain competitive advantage. This year’s Food Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey offers you the opportunity to benchmark your organization’s performance and priorities against your industry competitors and uncover new strategies for the year ahead.

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