2024 Outlook Indicates Changing Portco CFO Priorities

Download the 2024 Private Equity Portco CFO Outlook Survey to discover:

How CFO priorities have shifted in response to a challenging exit landscape.

The current state of portco revenues and profits and where CFOs expect the numbers to net out throughout the year.

How portcos are creatively addressing talent constraints, their strategies to close the ongoing skills gaps, and top priorities on the hiring front.

Portcos Focusing on Growth for Improved Stability Will Thrive

With dynamic market conditions and the presidential election on the horizon, 2024 will require portcos to showcase valuation improvement early on. By preparing for action now, portco CFOs will be better positioned to take on whatever challenges the market presents.

BDO surveyed 142 middle-market PE portco CFOs to uncover their top strategies, priorities, and anticipated challenges for the year ahead. Explore the report to see how you compare to your competitors and gain valuable insights to help you navigate shifting markets and create value along the way.

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