Ride the eCommerce Wave to Sustainable Growth

After strong performance in 2023, how will eCommerce retailers stay the course? Download our 2024 eCommerce CFO Outlook Survey to uncover: 

Strategic uses of customer data to help eCommerce retailers pull ahead of competitors.  

The surprising correlation between strong reverse logistics and deal-making. 

Why AI will reshape retail and e-tailer's workforce strategies.

From Data to Dollars: Unlock eCommerce Success 

The eCommerce industry is positioned for a profitable 2024 fueled by digitally fluent customers with sustained appetite for online shopping and digitally native brands leaning into technology adoption. In a crowded marketplace, eCommerce retailers are looking to future proof by pursuing deals, investing in AI, improving the returns process, and finding innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage.

As part of the 2024 Retail CFO Outlook Survey, we conducted a deep dive into eCommerce CFOs’ strategic plans, priorities, and perceived risks for the year ahead. Explore how e-tailers are traversing the dynamic shifts of the eCommerce landscape and gain essential insights to thrive in 2024.
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