BDO ’s Techtonic States study – which combines scenario planning with opinion research amongst business leaders – envisions four 2026 scenarios, analyzing technology and market dynamics. In each scenario, advanced technology is critical, empowering organizations to mitigate risks and increase resilience.

This report examines the views of leaders in the PE industry and explores ways that they can mitigate risk and embrace opportunities in each of our four future scenarios. The PE market is undergoing radical tech-driven transformation, as innovation reshapes the market, but it is also one of the industries most vulnerable to cyber threats.

Tighter regulation is also impacting the investment sector, meaning that PE firms need to prepare for new legal and regulatory barriers while grasping the opportunities that new technology brings. PE firms have the power to harness innovative technology, such as automation and AI, to supercharge the whole lending landscape and unleash transformation and innovation across the wider corporate ecosystem by providing capital.


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