Companies are dependent on applications to run their businesses - many of which are outdated, have become more difficult to maintain and are reaching end-of-support.

This can hurt your organization by slowing down operations, increasing costs of support, and putting your data and people at risk for security breaches and compliance violations.

Sound familiar?

It may be time to review your application portfolio and make business decisions around the direction your organization will take entering the 2020s.

BDO Digital has developed a Business Application Modernization Assessment to help organizations understand their portfolio of solutions so that they can drive more revenue, decrease cost and risk, and provide new capabilities.

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Collaborate with key stakeholders to understand goals and business strategy

Score applications by revenue generation, cost to support, organizational impact and innovation potential

Deliver customized scorecard for applications which includes financial analysis and potential savings

Roadmap a prioritized modernization plan with estimated level-of-effort and cost

App Modernization Approach

RETIRE - Eliminate outdated software and systems that are holding you back

REPLACE - Replace with modernized software solutions to increase productivity, security and user experience

RETAIN - Keep the apps that are working for you – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

RE-PLATFORM - Explore moving to cloud-based platforms for efficiency, security and cost savings

RE-ENVISION - Innovate with custom app development that meets your business’s unique needs

Talk about some of the details of your offer with a focus on the value people get back.

Talk about some of the details of your offer with a focus on the value people get back.

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