Get started on the road to maximizing Microsoft licensing and security investment with a Health Check.

Uncover immediate savings and risk reduction opportunities.

The Health Check presents a solid case for optimization, with a typical customer able to uncover up to 45% in savings. 

What to Expect from the Active Insights Health Check: 

  • Review your current Microsoft spend and cybersecurity stance.
  • Understand your Microsoft license deployment and where additional value can be found with what you already own.
  • Understand the Microsoft cybersecurity products you own today and review where additional value exists.
  • Review cost reduction options and align them with business value.


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Are you a CFO or CISO?

See how Active Insights can help drive cloud cost savings and help improve your organization’s cyber posture.


If you are a CFO watch this video to learn how Active Insights gives your organization visibility into areas of cost improvement and access to security insights.


If you are a CISO watch this video to learn how Active Insights can give you an understanding of licensing usage, a clear overview of areas for improvement, and access to impactful security insights.

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Business Drivers

Cost Optimization - reducing the spend to many vendors and re-allocating security budget

Risk Reduction – by leveraging a platform that’s integrated with AI and Security intelligence customers are reducing risk by up to 60% across the Organization.

Vendor Consolidation – 88% of organizations want to reduce the number of security vendors – this frees up time to do the business of security (reducing risk further) as well as additional time for procurement and other departments.

Simplification – a common simplified platform makes it easy for new security professionals to become proficient (90% reduction of time) and reduces effort and cost of manual integration

Scale – by leveraging AI/ML capabilities, you can reduce the people time/cost (by 80%) and elapsed time (88% reduction) it takes to find active threats in your environment

Employee Retention – by having a common platform that delivers significantly fewer false positives, employees feel productive and satisfied they are adding value to the organization and great about their contributions

Get started on the road toward a bright, secure Microsoft future.

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