BDO Digital’s team will perform an overall system and security assessment on your organization’s existing Salesforce environment to help enable high performance and that the best cybersecurity practice is in place for data protection, integration, authorization, access control, and monitoring.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than just maintaining a list of customers. With customer analytics, cross-channel strategic information, and data-driven insights, a strong CRM helps businesses stay ahead of rising expectations to help deliver an exceptional customer experience.

However, CRM is changing fast, with evolving capabilities and waves of new information to synthesize and analyze. To reach new possibilities, companies must work through these various complexities and develop a robust CRM strategy.

Our security & systems assessment uses a three-step process to help you obtain high performance from your Salesforce system and will help make sure customer data is highly secure to minimize risk/exposure.

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Security Requirements Discovery
  • Review relevant organizational enterprise security policies
  • Understand compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Discovery conversations with key stakeholders to understand current environment; needs & gaps

Assess Your Salesforce Environment
  • Perform diagnostic of environment applying manual inspection & automated tool-based analysis using configuration and code base scanning utilities
  • Inspect platform for exposure points, gaps and opportunities

  • Consolidate findings and recommendations
  • Formulate action plans
  • Discuss organization’s roadmap for future changes and enhancements to the Salesforce environment and actionable next steps

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When your assessment is complete,
you’ll walk away with:

Security & systems assessment findings report, including recommended remediation and risk-level rating

Health Check readouts from scanning tools for risks and optimization

User/permission data sets in Excel (as needed)

Tangible action items to improve your Salesforce Health Check Score

Talk about some of the details of your offer with a focus on the value people get back.

Talk about some of the details of your offer with a focus on the value people get back.

Talk about some of the details of your offer with a focus on the value people get back.

A Success Story

At BDO Digital our CRM consulting team works with clients to meet specific business goals. See how our assessments have helped other companies.

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