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Executing a digital strategy is more important now than ever, and it’s vital to assess the people, process, technology and change management aspects of each investment. Whether outsourcing a project or using in-house teams, organizations need a clear view of what initiatives they’re pursuing and why. Specifically outlining expected ROI tied to the business case, gaining understanding of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and assessing all costs for the initiative can help your organization better determine how to fully finance a digital initiative.

Execute on Strategy and Secure Budget for Digital Initiatives

This insight will walk you through the key stages of executing a digital strategy including how to:

  • Outline your digital strategy with specific objectives and identify a champion to lead the initiative.
  • Establish milestones tied to the business case, assess total cost of ownership (TCO) and measure return on investment (ROI) against revenue, margin and/or risk as risk as applicable. '
  • Assess total costs for the initiative and avoid common budgeting pitfalls.

There are several considerations businesses need to be aware of to secure the necessary resources for digital initiatives and ensure successful implementation. Download our insight to learn more.

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