BDO 2022 Tax Outlook Survey Report

With global tax reform imminent and a lack of clarity around domestic tax policy, tax executives continue to struggle with the pace of change. Even as they turn to technologies to stay abreast of regulatory developments, they are encountering hurdles to end-user adoption and training.

Meanwhile, total tax liability is still increasing — at the end of last year, nearly three-quarters of tax executives expected their total tax liability to rise even more this year — but business leaders are consulting with their tax departments less often on decisions that can affect their companies’ tax positions.

Where does this leave the tax department? Our 2022 BDO Tax Outlook Survey polled 150 middle market tax executives to understand the challenges they are experiencing, their outlook on the rapidly evolving global tax landscape and how they are planning to adapt and perform through uncertainty in the upcoming year.



Navigating regulatory changes

Keeping up with regulation and compliance is a #1 personal challenge for tax execs

Preparing for global tax reform

23% of respondents at $1B+ firms say global tax policy change is their greatest concern

Thriving through resource scarcity

72% identify as “thriving” but see training and tech as their greatest departmental challenge

Embracing ESG and tax transparency

86% believe ESG has a positive impact on long-term financial performance

Ut Enim Minima

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"The tax department sits at the nexus of external tax forces and internal business strategy — a position that offers incredible value to company management. Every business decision has a tax implication, so tax should factor into the conversation to drive optimal business outcomes. As tax leaders strive to take on the role of strategic advisor to the C-suite, they need to find efficiencies in tax operations to manage their growing responsibilities.”

— Matthew Becker, National Managing Partner of Tax

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The 2022 BDO Tax Outlook Survey polled 150 senior tax executives at companies with revenues ranging from $100 million to $3 billion in November and December 2021. The survey was conducted by Rabin Research Company, an independent marketing research firm.