Developing a Roadmap for a Fully Optimized Tax Function

The demands on tax departments have become increasingly challenging to manage, from growing complexity in tax regulations and reporting requirements to a shrinking pool of qualified talent to get the work done.

With strategic use of technology, tax teams can allocate more resources to value-adding activities instead of manual, repetitive tasks. A proactive tax function will be able to anticipate business needs and have the data to substantiate and analyze tax impact, positioning tax as a strategic driver of value for the organization.

Many tax leaders are looking to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. But where should you begin? Before charting a path to your ideal future state, the first step is understanding the current state of the tax function.

This is where BDO can help with a free Tax Process Assessment.


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How It Works

Gather Data

We send you a questionnaire and analyze your responses to help us uncover pain points and areas for improvement.

Review & Benchmark

We evaluate your current tax operations and identify opportunities related to process, data, technology, and talent.

Share Recommendations

We review our recommendations with you and discuss next steps based on your goals and where you are in your tax innovation journey.

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Ut Enim Minima

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem!

We offer practical solutions and a flexible, scalable approach to help corporate tax functions streamline their tax operations from data to deliverable. We focus on quick wins and strategies that address your unique needs. Request your free Tax Process Assessment today.