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Organizations across the country and around the world are navigating an increasingly complex tax landscape while also adapting to digital disruption.

Combining our deep technical knowledge and global reach with emerging technologies, we work collaboratively to address your tax reporting obligations, transform your tax operations, and identify opportunities across your total tax footprint.

When every business decision has a tax implication, strategic tax functions require a total tax approach that provides better insights and transparency into the sum of all taxes at the international, federal, state, and local levels. BDO approaches every client with a total tax mindset so you can make better-informed decisions, optimize outcomes, and uncover opportunities to improve your total tax posture in alignment with overall organizational objectives.


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Fundamentals of BDO’s Total Tax Approach

BDO offers a custom, relationship-based approach to address tax issues on a global scale with the agility to adapt based on your evolving needs.

Global Reach With Personal Service

BDO senior leaders are involved in every client engagement to build relationships, streamline onboarding, and provide active and ongoing communication and transparency. We bring a multidisciplinary team backed by a global network of professionals in more than 160 countries. Our knowledgeable advisors take the time to deeply understand your business and your challenges so we can best support you.

Scalable & Tailored Service Model

Our flexible tax delivery framework is designed to help you choose the mix of services that align with your business needs, with the ability to scale resources up and down as those needs change. We take a collaborative approach to find the appropriate balance to optimize your internal tax department, supplement your existing tax resources, or act as your full-service tax managed service provider.

Streamlined Tax Technology

Effective data management is the foundation for a successful tax operating model that supports enhanced efficiency, reporting, and analytics. Our tax technology enhances communication and collaboration, improves transparency, creates a standard approach to project management, and enables us to analyze your data, identify unique needs, and match them with actionable insights.

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We understand that transformation is challenging. Businesses that don’t evolve and map a future state for the tax function are exposed to disruption and increased risk. Take the first step with a free consultation.


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