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The technology industry adapts for a new era.

Despite the impact of economic volatility and recessionary pressures in 2022, tech CFOs remain optimistic about the year ahead. However, capitalizing on opportunities will require critical business decisions over the coming year.

As you review strategic plans for 2023, you have some hard choices to make, including:

  • What steps can you take to increase customer and stakeholder trust in your company?
  • How can you build resilience against the top business risks?
  • Should you revise your growth strategy in light of market headwinds?
  • Does evolving tax policy present challenges for compliance and understanding tax liability?
  • Will macroeconomic forces and ongoing uncertainty affect your M&A plans?

You need data-backed insights to inform strategic decision-making and help mitigate risk in the year ahead. Download the 2023 BDO Technology CFO Outlook Survey to find out how tech CFOs are adapting to build resilience and capture new opportunities — and see our analysis of what that means for your business.

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