Eyes on Retail Resilience

Adversity abounds, but 1/3 of retailers are thriving. What’s their secret?

Call it a rebalancing act. The retail industry is coming back from the challenges of 2021 in three distinct categories: thrivers, survivors and strugglers. There are more obstacles on the road ahead that can knock them into a weaker category, if they aren’t savvy.

One such obstacle: Retailers at all performance levels have passed off rising costs stemming from pandemic-related challenges to consumers without significant pushback. With savings and stimulus checks from 2020 and 2021, many consumers have willingly paid higher prices. But as aid is phased out, we are likely approaching a price cliff, beyond which consumer demand may drop off.

BDO surveyed 100 retail industry CFOs on their 2021 performance and plans to overcome new challenges in 2022. See the data and read the report to discover:

  • Consumer-friendly alternatives to raising prices in 2022 — a plan shared by more than half (55%) of retailers
  • Which retailers are most likely to win the battle against supply chain disruption 
  • The primary impacts of retail’s labor shortage and how the industry can address it

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