Big Bets to Build the Future of Care

Healthcare organizations aren’t riding solo.

The pandemic proved the power of partnerships. Healthcare organizations who stick together can weather all kinds of storms, from COVID-19 surges to supply chain snarls and beyond. It’s no surprise that they’re doubling down on deal-making in 2022. 

But it’s not just about making deals — you have to work strategically to maximize the impact of your partnerships. To make the most of collaboration in the year ahead, healthcare organizations are rolling out new approaches, from SPAC deals to consumerization pivots. 

BDO surveyed 100 healthcare CFOs on their partnership and deal-making plans in 2022. See the data and read the report to learn: 

  • The paths to collaboration healthcare organizations are planning in 2022
  • How to translate deals into strategic value drivers
  • How partnerships are driving innovation that will permanently alter the industry

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