Sustained Strain on the Healthcare System

Healthcare is fighting a battle on multiple fronts.

Debt is mounting, and the pressure to meet loan covenants won’t be offset by government funding. Supply chain disruptions are closing down ORs. Labor shortages are leaving ICUs understaffed. 

Through it all, the healthcare industry is standing strong, finding creative ways to shore up under the strain. Healthcare organizations, from providers through insurers, know that the moves they make now will make or break their futures. 

BDO surveyed 100 healthcare CFOs on their financial health and the moves they’re making to withstand financial strain in 2022. See the data and read the report to discover: 

  • The story top-line growth is telling, and what dangers are lurking beneath that optimistic surface
  • The investment moves healthcare organizations are making to set themselves up for financial success
  • How your organization can combat supply chain and workforce strains without breaking the bank

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