Regulation and Reporting for What's Next

Brace yourself for a regulatory whirlwind.

In any highly regulated industry like healthcare, regulatory compliance is a specialty in and of itself. Understanding and complying with ever-changing requirements is a job that demands significant investment and expertise. It’s an even greater job when significant regulatory shifts are happening. 

Now, we’re seeing major shake-ups in the regulatory landscape, all while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to attack healthcare on all sides. Meeting compliance and reporting requirements is a monumental task — is healthcare up for the challenge? 

BDO surveyed 100 healthcare CFOs on their top regulatory challenges and how they plan to address them in 2022. See the data and read the report to uncover: 

  • What regulatory changes are on the horizon — and which will have the greatest impact to the industry
  • Which compliance and reporting challenges are most challenging for healthcare organizations to address
  • How you can make sure you’re ready to take on the compliance challenges headed your way in 2022

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